Great food great prices! Must eat here!


If you have seen our food and you also have eaten in our restaurant, you will surely want to return.   All our meals are cooked and prepared right on the spot and we don’t skim on proportions.  No prepared meals warmed up in a microwave. We prepare all our hot dogs, subs, salads and wraps on the grill and bring them fresh to your plate!   Perfect materials and freshly Cooked food, delicious signature subs, wraps, hot dogs and salads make us hard to resist! So, hit a HOME RUN at The Dugout tonight!

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Not only do we have great food, but we provide a great pleasant family environment with top notch customer service.  Enjoy having lunch or dinner in our genuine Baseball Dugout.  We have lots of cool baseball memories for everyone to enjoy!  Come out to the restaurant feel like you are at the ball park.  Try one of our signature Hot Dogs which have become famous in the Mooresville, NC area.


All our food is made and cooked to order and we don’t skimp on veggies, meats or cheeses.  Try one of signature Hot dogs, subs or salads.  We have small and large on all our sandwiches, wraps and burgers.  Extra ingredients are never a problem.   Try our 12-inch signature Steak and Cheese sub and you will not be sorry!


Absolutely Delicious!! Went there expecting to have a burger and dog from Big League but was pleasantly surprised with what I got in exchange. I had the steak, chicken and cheese sub sandwich and it was AMAZING!!!

Ashton M.

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We understand it can be hard to get out of the house sometimes, but you still have cravings for our delicious subs, hotdogs, wraps, burger and salads.  We can solve that for you with our PICK UP or DELIVERY option.  Hit a HOME RUN with your family tonight and let us cook dinner and delivery it to you.  We deliver until 7pm each evening and we only require a minimum $15 order plus a $2.50 delivery charge.  We accept all major credit cards.